Commercial > Replacement Filters
For GCX Series
1. Pre-filter (GCX HEPA Pre-Filter H11 (L))

Purpose:              control of coarse, fine & ultra-fine dust particles;

                             protection of subsequent filters

  Media:                  non-woven glass microfiber HEPA filter
  Efficiency:             > 99% at > 0.3 μm (class H11)
2. Gas & odour filter (GCX Filter Cartridge Set)

Purpose:               control of a wide range or specific chemical

                             substances and odours

  Media options:
      MultiGas: granular activated carbon & impregnated alumina
      VOC: granular activated carbon
      ChemiSorber: granular impregnated alumina
      AM: granular impregnated activated carbon


Post-filter (GCX Post-Filter Sleeve Set)
  Purpose:               control of fine & ultra-fine particulate matter
  Media type:           electrostatically charged fiber